Our commitment to environmental sustainability

Hamilton City Council has a long history of leadership in environmental action. As an organisation we take environmental sustainability seriously and this is reflected in our role as a key signatory to the city wide Environmental Sustainability Strategy, which helps drive our work programs, and our environmental management policy.  The commitment below reflects how FMG Stadium Waikato and H3 have taken this strategy and policy on board and will delivery on it.

H3 is committed to manage its obligations to the sustainability of the environment in the community we do business in.  While developing the business and venues, we are working towards a more sustainable future for the events industry, with due regard for sustainable development.  This will be done in a responsible manner, through each of our venue’s Environmental Management Systems.

Our aims are to:

  • Manage our operations so as to be economically and environmentally sustainable. This involves not only complying with relevant legislation, but also adopting best practice and introducing robust environmental management mechanisms.
  • Identify, understand and prioritise the environmental risks inherent in our business, allocating the necessary resources to ensure that these risks are managed effectively and economically.
  • Work closely with our clients, fostering partnerships that enhance our venues environmental performance, in an effort to minimise the environmental impact of events. Offering were possible assistance and advice on formulating strategies to minimize the use of resources such as water and electricity and providing recycling facilities.
  • Continue to give primary emphasis to our statutory duties to protect the environment.
  • Promote a culture within the organisation whereby responsibility for positive environmental management is embraced by each individual; whatever their role or position.
  • Use information to help us to understand the environment and its needs when making decisions which affect the environment.
  • Ensure minimising pollution is a major consideration in all operational activities.
  • Build on the environmental management we have achieved through a process of continuous improvements.
  • Conduct business in a manner which achieves sustainable growth whilst demonstrating a high degree of social responsibility, creating a source of competitive advantage for our business.

Where possible environmental sustainable building practices will be used in the design, construction, deconstruction and ongoing maintenance of our facilities, such as use of green building materials, energy and water-efficient design, and demolition material reuse and recycling.

By working together and embracing Environmental Sustainability we will open doors to new markets, opportunities and relationships, increasing competitiveness and profitability and demonstrating our continued commitment to sustainable development.

Demonstrating our commitment to environmental sustainability is a journey, in the course of which we aim to align our business values, purpose and strategy with the social and economic needs of our stakeholders, whilst embedding environmentally responsible and ethical business policies and practices into everything we do.

The environmental issues facing us are extremely important and it is evident by the aims set out in Our Commitment that H3 is fully committed to these issues.


What FMG Stadium Waikato does

FMG Stadium Waikato provides a quality venue and services delivered by a professional and passionate team.  We provide a wide range of activities including events, conferences and functions for both participants and patrons in the local, national and international markets.


Our environmental vision

FMG Stadium Waikato strives to be a leader in our industry.  We recognise the impact that the events industry can have on the environment and in that respect will endeavour to minimise the environmental impacts of all events and functions held at the venue.


What we expect from our staff and contractors

FMG Stadium Waikato's staff and contractors have a vital role to play in achieving our environmental objectives.  We expect our staff and contractors to adopt sustainable practices in their day to day decision making and overall work roles.  Our staff will also assist in the process of educating and promoting environmental sustainability to all external stakeholders.

How you can help

Recycling of waste

Waste separation bins are placed around the venue.  Please help by using the yellow recycle bins for your plastic and cans. 

Bicycle racks

Cycling to the venue is encouraged.  There are bicycle racks available at the rear of the Brain Perry Stand, access can be gained on event days with a valid event ticket.  Patrons need to supply their own lock.

Free rugby shuttle buses

Rugby fans can take a free bus to FMG Stadium Waikato. The free BUSIT buses leave from Hood St outside the Knox St car park.  They leave approx every 10 minutes from an hour before kick-off and travel via Victoria, Ulster and Abbotsford streets to the stadium.  Passengers will be picked up at any official bus stop along the way.  Buses depart directly after the final whistle from Tristram St near the Mill St intersection.  For more information call 0800 4 BUSLINE (237 5463) or visit www.busit.co.nz