29 May 2024

H3 Job Expo unlocks opportunities for Ashlin Stephens

In a tale of personal and professional growth, Ashlin Stephens shares his journey from uncertainty to a fulfilling role as Client Experience Coordinator at H3 Group. The transition from an overseas adventure to finding work in events, Ashlin’s story features determination and the power of seizing opportunities.  

In late 2019 through early 2020, Ashlin embarked on a journey through the Walt Disney International Program in Florida, where he found himself immersed in a world of invaluable experiences. Little did he know that soon after, the global landscape would shift dramatically during the pandemic, leading to a return to New Zealand. 

“Coming back, I felt very lost, like I didn't belong. I was lucky to find a job and be working in retail before I chose to go back to study tourism management at the end of 2020. A lot of those closest to me were unsure about this decision but I went ahead anyway. Graduating with my Level 6 Diploma, I landed an internship through Novotel Hamilton Tainui.” 

“Shortly after my internship had finished, I chose to leave but struggled to find work that I would enjoy or find opportunities connected to my qualifications. For months I spent nights calling friends and family, thinking I would only be stuck and find no progress.” 

A turning point emerged during an events job expo, On the Hunt, hosted by H3 Group. 

“Although I was nervous, I decided to go to the expo, and I met with some staff at H3 who introduced me to different areas of their workforce. A few days later I got a call from Garry Kathuria, and he offered me an interview and eventually I landed a role as a Client Experience Coordinator.” 

Garry Kathuria, H3 Group Client Experience Team Leader, said there was numerous candidates interested in the role, but Ashlin demonstrated a genuine interest in joining H3 as the next phase of his career.  

“The combination of retail and hospitality experience made him an ideal fit for the client-centric role we were looking for. Additionally, what stood out was Ashlin having his own personal business card showcasing his professionalism and sincerity.” 

Since then, Ashlin has thrived in his role at H3, showcasing exceptional growth both personally and professionally.   

“Ashlin quickly grasped the systems and processes. He often receives positive feedback from many clients. He is highly flexible with requirements and often goes above and beyond his daily checklist tasks. All team members enjoy working with him, and he consistently embodies the three guiding principles of H3.” Said Gary.  

“I’m able to wake up with a purpose” Said Ashlin. “I’ve found something I enjoy and get to be part of a team putting together all sorts of events. All those late-night calls made me think I would never make it. I never expected to be doing something like this.”

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